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Computer Games (selected)

  • NEW WORLD Seasons 1, 2 – Grace O’Malley
  • BALDUR’S GATE 3 -Zethino, Various
  • BANISHERS: Ghosts of New Eden –
  • WITCHER 3: Wild Hunt – Sarah Godling, Various

Audio Books (selected)

  • Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nugent
  • Ordinary Human Failings by Megan Nolan
  • All Her Fault, Hide and Seek, No-One Saw A Thing all by Andrea Mara
  • The Trap by Catherine Howard
  • The Butchers by Ruth Gilligan


  • A TIME TO DANCE “Jill Gladstone”, Julian Simpson BBC Radio 4 (Sony-Nominated)
  • THE CIDER QUEENS “Martina Beausang”, Aidan Matthews RTE Radio 1

Audio Drama

  • STAR COPS: MARS PART 2, Big Finish

Voicereel, clips and characters

  • STRIKE!, w. Karen Gearon, Ardent Theatre Company, d. Kirsty Patrick Ward
  • THE SWEET SCIENCE OF BRUISING (2019), w. Mathilda Blackwell, Troupe, d. Kirsty Patrick Ward
  • THE SWEET SCIENCE OF BRUISING (2018), w. Matilda Blackwell, Troupe, d. Kirsty Patrick Ward
  • LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (2018), Cathleen, Fiery Angel, d. Sir Richard Eyre
  • HENRY V (2016), Montjoy / Captain MacMorris, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, d. Robert Hastie
  • LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (2016), Cathleen, Bristol Old Vic, d. Sir Richard Eyre
  • LIOLA (2013), Tuzza Azzara, National Theatre, d. Sir Richard Eyre
  • COALITION (2013), Claudia Hood, Pleasance, Edinburgh/London, The Spontaneity Shop, d. Tom Salinsky
  • STARS IN THE MORNING SKY (2012), Anna, Belgrade Theatre Coventry, d. Hamish Glen
  • THE KITCHEN (2011), Cynthia, National Theatre, d. Bijan Sheibani
  • CASUALTY (2018), Maxine O’Boyle, BBC, d. Tracey Larcombe
  • ILL BEHAVIOUR (2017) Tess Dyson, BBC/Fudge Park/Showtime, d. Steve Bendelack
  • IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME (2017) Caroline, Sky/Merman, d. Emily Greenwood
  • NOWHERE FAST (2017), Yvonne, RTE/Deadpan Pictures, d. Simon Gibney
  • CALL THE MIDWIFE (2016), Nurse Leonard, BBC/Neal St, Lisa Clarke
  • DOCTORS (SERIES), Dr Niamh Donoghue (series regular) 2014-2016, BBC, d. Various
  • BASU NA GCARAD (THE EXECUTION OF FRIENDS) (2011), Molly Childers, Black Rock Pictures, d. Jerry O’Callaghan
  • EASTENDERS (2008), Laura Stewart, BBC, d. Jo Johnson
  • NO SIGNAL (SERIES) (2008), Various, You, Me and Him Productions, d. Pete Cain and Lou Bogue
  • PEEP SHOW (2008), Actress in abysmal play, Channel 4, d. Becky Martin
  • THE EVERLASTING CLUB (2021), Holly, d. Joy Wilkinson
  • MA’AM (2020), Queen Victoria, Lunar Lander Films/Bumble Female Film Force, d. Joy Wilkinson